Artist's Statement

As a painter, I am drawn to color, texture, and movement.  My work is a reflection of how I see these elements work together.  I am inspired by movement in nature, such as the changing shapes in clouds, the wind blowing through trees, or rain falling onto flower petals.  In my head, I see these subjects as colors moving and blending together as an ever-changing wonder, which is what I translate into my work.  I do not go into painting with a strict plan, but rather use a layering process with bold colors that embraces chance and change.  Ideas form through the process of creating, giving the final piece the sensation of movement I desire. 

The inspiration I gather from the natural environment and the enjoyment I feel from the process of painting is the heart of my work.  I have developed a visual way of picturing emotion through color and movement that is highly intuitive and constantly changing.  Nothing in life is constant—it is always moving, always changing, always evolving.  That gives me the feeling of freedom to visualize endless possibilities in color.